How to Update the Carrier Settings on the
iPhone 5, iPad 4 & iPad Mini

‘Enable 3G’ Changes to ‘Enable LTE’

iPhone 5, iPad 4 & iPad Mini users will receive the Carrier Settings Update alert from Apple.

In order to verify that Carrier Settings were updated successfully:

Click on Update to update the settings and enable LTE on the device immediately. Reboot device after updating Carrier Settings. If you do not wish to update the settings, click Not Now. 4G Lte will not be enabled and you may update the settings manually later.

Go to Settings > General > Cellular

Before Update

Enable LTE should be present and turned to ON

After Update

Carrier Settings Update to ‘Maxis 14.1’

Ensure you are running the latest iOS software version (6.1.3 or higher)

To update to the latest iOS:
Go to Settings > General > Software Update

Before Update

Go to Settings > General > About

A prompt for Carrier Settings Update will appear. Click Update
Ensure that Carrier is Maxis 14.1

Reboot your device

After Update

Carrier Settings Update When Roaming

To update to the latest Carrier Settings while roaming abroad :

Ensure the device has
access to internet
Perform a manual update.
Refer to ‘Carrier Settings Update’
Maxis 4G LTE services
is not supported while roaming